About Camp Equity - Camp Equity


Our Mission

Founded in the midst of a global pandemic and the racial justice uprisings of 2020, Camp Equity is a virtual program that encourages youth to explore Social Justice movements by connecting them with grassroots leaders. Our sliding scale offerings enable wealth redistribution to the change agents with whom we partner while our breakout cabins allow campers to explore topics with diverse youth from around the country.  

After running a successful pilot in the fall of 2020, Camp Equity launched full time in January 2021.

Our Inaugural Pilot Program (Camp 101)

In the Fall of 2020, Camp Equity launched with our first program: Camp 101. Camp 101 provides an overview of social justice topics where we explore a different movement each week. We explored the following topics during our inaugural program: Indigenous Rights, Immigration Rights, Disability Rights, Voting Rights, Decarceration, Media Equity, Economic Justice, Educational Equity, LBGTQIA+ Rights, Climate Justice in more. We also hosted special programming in response to the Breonna Taylor case and the 2020 Election Results.

Learn more about our inaugural program instructors and our counselors. You can also sign up to receive our newsletters and notifications regarding our programs here.

Outcomes from our Pilot Program

Camp Equity introduces students to issues impacting their communities, changes the narrative on who is an expert in our society, and actively engages youth in the work of creating a more equitable world.

We cannot wait to see what our campers do next!

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