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Kids love Camp Equity!

"I like Camp Equity because I get to expand my horizons and think about other things besides school, Covid-19 and our country. I look forward to this every week because it's a chance for me to learn, ask questions, and engage with others who have similar thoughts to me."

Kaia, Age 14, California

"Camp Equity makes me see things from other people’s point of view, and I have learned so much about what’s going on, and how to be a better ally, and how I can make a change. I would not be the same without it.”

Camper, Celebrating Black Lives (Deep Dive)

"I have never felt more welcome and excited to connect with people across the U.S. about the social injustices.”

Losi, Age 18, Alaska

“The speakers (at Camp) make me feel like I can inspire other people with my ideas if I try hard enough and put a lot of work into what I want to be!”

Camper, Celebrating Black Lives (Deep Dive)

“The whole camp is like one big family.”

Camper, Celebrating Black Lives (Deep Dive)

“This is one of the best online programs I have ever taken. it should be required in school”

Camper, Celebrating Black Lives (Deep Dive)

"Camp Equity has made me want to change a lot of the things in the world."

Jake, Age 12, Maryland

“What I love about my counselors is that they are so fun and have such a great energy.”

Camper, Celebrating Black Lives (Deep Dive)

And here's what parents and guardians think!

"My son has grown so much in his level of compassion towards other humans that are different from him. I'm really grateful to this program”

Jamie Love, Parent, New York

"This camp has been eye-opening and a sense of self-empowerment to my daughter. I couldn't be happier and look forward to it being held again."

Emily Graves-Harrison, Parent, Massachusetts

"As a parent, listening from the other room, I am learning too, in particular perspectives & points of view I had not considered before. Camp conversations on important social justice issues have led to an awareness and enlightening opportunity for our family."

Kathryn Carpenter, Parent, Massachusetts

"Camp Equity has given (my daughter) even more vocabulary, information, and confidence to contribute to our conversations. We learn a lot from her."

Padma Viswanathan, Parent, Arkansas

"Talking about and reflecting on the different Camp Equity topics has helped us realize how we can be impacted by equity issues, how sometimes we have privilege, how we can be an ally to others, has raised our awareness of the world around us, and increased our understanding of different communities."

Irene Ruiz-Briseno, Parent, Minnesota
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