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What is Camp Equity?

Launching in the fall of 2020, Camp Equity is a 12 week virtual camp where students entering 6th – 12th grade engage with today’s most pressing social justice topics from nonprofit leaders who are creating a better world. Our camp combines inspiring presentations with intimate discussions, allowing our campers to form close connections with other like-minded youth from around the country while discovering how all our lives intersect. Camp is offered on a sliding scale with pre-registration closing August 28th, sign up today!

Why should my child sign up?

Do you aim to raise a passionate, informed young person who’s passionate about making the world a better place? Would you like the take advantage of what virtual learning can provide enabling your student to make friends with a diverse array of youth from around the country? Would you like to support grassroots non profits dedicated to leveling the playing field for all? Do you want your child to hear from inspiring leaders from across all backgrounds? If yes, Camp Equity was made for you!

Who are the founders of Camp Equity?

Camp Equity was founded by Donnie Nicole Belcher, Prisma Herrera and Lauren Burke, who have been teachers, lawyers, youth leaders, youth-focused nonprofit founders, and college board members with a combined 30+ years of experience in youth development. We created Camp Equity in response to the combined forces of the global pandemic and the current manifestation of the human-rights movement, to give exposure to incredible non profits at the grassroots level and engage groups of diverse young people in conversation about this moment in time.

What is the schedule?

Camp Equity takes place on Tuesdays via Zoom video calls for a 12 week series beginning September 8th and ending November 24th. Camp begins promptly at 3:30 pm PT/6:30 pm ET and lasts for ninety minutes.

What happens during a session?

After Week One’s introductory session, the following ten weeks will follow a similar format. After a brief introduction from one of our founders, that week’s non-profit instructor will lead an interactive session discussing their work, grounded in a catalytic moment in time in U.S. history that changed how the world is today. Sessions may include journaling, multimedia presentations, real time polling, and all will include ample time for campers to be broken out into their “cabins” where their counselor will facilitate dynamic conversations regarding the topic on hand.  Session 12 is a closing session whereby cabins will engage in conversation about their camp experience, how to get further involved with issues that interest them on a local level, and plan for the next steps in their powerful lives.

Who are the Instructors and what will they be speaking about?

Our instructors are non profit founders whose work directly uplifts a specific social justice movement such as the Black Lives Matter Movement, Indigenous Rights, Immigrant Rights, Climate Justice, Workers Rights and Disability Rights. Each instructor works directly with our founder and former High School Teacher Donnie Belcher to develop engaging, inspiring, and developmentally appropriate talks for the campers and follow up questions for facilitation within each cabin.  All instructors are provided an honorarium donation to use at their organization however they see fit and we are humbled for them to share their stories with our camp!

Is there homework?

No! We know things are hard right now and having anything extra can feel like a large burden to bear. For those who want to dive deeper, however, we do provide a suggested “curriculum” with articles, books, films and more, should campers wish to continue to explore these topics on their own time.

How are the campers split into cabins?

Upon signing up for Camp Equity we will ask campers to fill out a brief survey about their age, demographics, and some other basic information. We will use these answers to form groups that are diverse across various areas, but are similar by age group. It is our goal that this will be a wonderful opportunity for young people to meet similarly interested youth from around the country with whom to form deep relationships over the course of the 12 weeks!

Who are the Counselors?

Counselors are passionate and active community members and who deeply believe in young people’s ability to create change. They receive facilitation training from Camp Equity’s leadership team and are provided with on-call assistance while camp is in session.

Why is the cost of Camp Equity on a sliding scale? How do I know how much to pay?

The wealth gap in the area known as the United States has more than doubled in the past thirty years and we currently have a higher rate of income inequality than any other developed nation in the world. Camp Equity celebrates everyone attending our camp and leaves it up to you and your family to determine what you would like to pay through an equity lens. If you are someone who has generational wealth, has benefitted from policies that do not treat all as equal, or receive a high salary even though nurses. teachers, and other, lower paid professions work just as hard, we invite you to select a higher price point for your child to attend. At the same time, if times are tough but you think your child would enjoy camp, please sign up for free! We at Camp Equity know that the value in your bank account has nothing to say about the value of your life. No one will “check” on what you select and the cost is up to you. Finally, if you don’t have a camper but want to help supplement another person’s tuition, feel free to buy a registration at any level that works for you!

Where does the tuition fee go?

While there are many costs associated with undertaking this endeavor the majority of tuition funds will be distributed in the following ways:

    • Salaries:  At Camp Equity we believe in a thriving wage for all and ensure that our non-profit leaders instructors and counselors receive above market rate pay in a profession that is so often undervalued, particularly when positions are held by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). By signing your child up for camp you indicate that you believe this work is worthy, needed, and that you celebrate those who are undertaking it today.
    • Non Profit Support: Non Profit Support: As part of our mission is to uplift incredible work around the U.S., all of our session leaders receive a donation to their 501c3 non profit organization, the amount of which will be decided based on what we earn in tuition. While we hope to distribute $5,000 to each leader we pledge giving a minimum of $1,000 to each non profit leader who speaks at Camp Equity.
    • What does this mean? The more campers who register for camp = the more jobs we can create + the more we can distribute resources to powerful grassroots organizations! Please help us spread the word!

Where do I sign up?

Sign ups for our inaugural Session of Camp are now closed, but you can still support us with donation or subscribe to our mailing list.

Sign ups for our inaugural session of camp are now closed, but you can still our get our newsletter and information on future sessions by joining our mailing list.​

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