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Summer 2021 Camps

Over the summer of 2021, we ran three amazing camps: Camp 201, Healing in Community, and Uprooting White Supremacy! Learn more about them below.

CAMP 201: Be a Changemaker!

August 2nd – August 6th

Camp 201 was a week-long session where Campers unlocked their own superpower as a changemaker in this world. They formed incredible bonds with cabin mates from across the U.S., and explored how youth movements have fought for social justice, identify their own passions, skills, and interests, and work together on projects to further equity in their communities today. In order to get the most out of their week, Campers were expected to complete developmentally appropriate activities outside of camp time such as watching a documentary, engaging in conversations with family and friends, or reading an article about current movements! 

  • Entering 4th – 6th graders were led by Ms. Lauren
  • Entering 7th and 8th graders were led by Ms. Alex
  • Entering 9th – 12th graders were led by Ms. Donnie

HEALING IN COMMUNITY: For BIPOC Campers and Families

July 13th – August 24th

The past twelve months have taken a toll on all of us but especially on families who identify as  Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). Our first two affinity groups showed the importance of coming together in a safe space to speak our truths, build community, and unlock more ways of accessing joy and love in difficult times. We were honored to host a seven week session for BIPOC campers and anyone from their family to join our space to breathe free, practice and learn self care techniques such as affirmations, yoga, and mindfulness, and heal. Families were invited to attend all seven sessions or come on a drop in basis. The program was facilitated by Ms. Donnie and Ms. Alex as well as our counselors and special guests! 

The program was offered to campers AND family members entirely for free! 

UPROOTING WHITE SUPREMACY: For White-Identifying Campers and Families

July 12th to August 23rd

Layla Saad, the Author of Me and White Supremacy writes, “You cannot dismantle what you cannot see. You cannot challenge what you do not understand.” Individuals who are white, who live with white privilege, are the reason white supremacy exists yet, for far too long the work of dismantling white supremacy has fallen on the shoulders of BIPOC.

This seven-week course took campers and their parents/guardians on a journey to first understand their complicity in a white supremacist system, identify the ways in which their white fragility, white apathy, and white paralysis has prevented them from doing the work, and make commitments to lead more anti racist lives. We rooted ourselves in love for each other and hoped for what the world can be because this difficult work required bravery, commitment, and raw truth. Campers signed up with one adult in their lives who pledged to attend each week with outside reading and work required. Space was limited to twelve families on our signature sliding scale basis with all funds raised going to support our entirely free program for BIPOC families, “Healing in Community.”

The course was led by Ms. Lauren who has led over 300 individuals in addressing their complicity in white supremacy in the past year.

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