Carter - Camp Equity



GSA Coordinator

Carter (they/them) is BreakOUT!’s new GSA Coordinator as well as the office’s jukebox. A very eclectic androgynous 20 something born and raised in New Orleans. Lover of food, most likely due to their Taurus moon, and are full of random fun facts, don’t believe me just ask ‘em. They’re just out here trying to be the person they wish they saw growing up. Speaking of representation they are an artist working on projects to show the diversity in the LGBTQ experience in both writing and performance work. There is so much more to say about this goofy and charming individual, but what better way to get to know them than to come visit them at BreakOUT! or follow them on social media whatever’s clever.

Twitter : 1st_time_user

IG : The_Co_Author

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