Rohit Malhotra - Camp Equity


Rohit Malhotra

Camp Equity 101 Instructor

You can catch me with my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle mug and Beyonce socks taking a meeting a minute with entrepreneurs, partners, and policymakers. As the Founder and Executive Director, my job is to create and fight for our vision. I also wear glasses, just to make sure we’re extra focused. I spend the majority of my days holed up in a room, writing on a whiteboard with an entrepreneur, working through a challenge or celebrating a win. I like bread, sauce, and cheese, and the combination of the three has gotten me through this multi-year journey. Outside of the office, I’m usually listening to R&B or lyrically brilliant hip hop, while totally getting the last number wrong in Sodoku. I love my friends, who are my family, and my family, who are my very best friends. Also, Drake.

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