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Shreya Basu

Camp 101 Counselor Shreya (they/them)! is from the Bay Area and was born and raised in San Jose, CA. Shreya really cares about the intersections of art, identity, mental health, education, and justice. They always hope to further understand how their identity (their privileges and marginalizations) informs their role in creating material change and support …

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Rozina Kanchwala

Camp 101 Counselor Rozina is an energy and environmental professional with nearly 15 years of global academic and work experience in the environmental sector. She is a Fulbright scholar; she spent a year in India studying agrarian distress and then completed her Masters degree in Environment and Sustainable Development at University College London. She currently …

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Nora Gibbons

Camp 101 Counselor Nora is passionate about restorative and transformative justice, self-directed education, and the rights of young people. She has worked at summer camps, language classes, and alternative education environments. Nora recently graduated from LIU Global, with a BA in Global Studies, after living, studying, and researching in several different countries. Her research culminated …

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Jamauri Bryan

Camp 101 Counselor Jamauri Bryan was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He is a recent graduate from the University of Florida where he obtained a B.S in Family, Youth, & Community Sciences. In college, Jamauri taught conversational English to international students from countries such as Venezuela, South Korea, and Kuwait. He also served …

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Fatimata Cham

Camp 101 Counselor Originally from the Bronx, New York, Fatimata now lives in Easton, PA as a second year student attending Lafayette College. Her activism journey began in 2015 at her boarding school in Northern, New Hampshire. She noticed that there was a missing puzzle piece in the conversation revolving around equity and education. She …

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